DIY bathroom mason jar storage with knobs on the lids.. easy tutorial to organized and add a little charm to your bathroom!

DIY Mason Jar Storage

DIY bathroom mason jar storage with knobs on the lids. easy tutorial to organized and add a little charm to your bathroom! Because I need mason jars in every room of the house.

Les parois de la baignoire aussi peuvent servir de rangement !! #inspiration #rangement

Clever tub design, Great use of space. Sides of bathtub fold out to reveal tons of storage space for all your bathing needs. When they're closed it make a nice and neat look.

pour les chaussures dans le dressing

I like the idea of a lazy susan in the corners! Organize Your Pantry (etc, incl shoes:): DIY Lazy Susan Pantry: This would be great for a small kitchen with limited storage space.

rangement chaussures

Here are other shoe organizers. I really like the Lazy Susan/Lazy Shoe Zen design. It wouldn't be hard to DIY and you could make it as tall as you want.I would have the shoes facing the other way so I could see the fronts of them.

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Top 21 des petits trucs et astuces pour réussir votre été

Rangement chaussures dans chambre à fabriquer avec des tubes PVC coupées, collés et peints aux couleurs de la chambre

Rangement chaussures dans une chambre avec du tuyau PVC

DIY: PVC Pipe Shoe Storage - so fun and so simple, could easily spray paint or cover in fabric or paper too. maybe a horizontal layout of two rows or something. I think this would be good for garage "yard shoes" storage

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Like the rustic crate idea.Shoe closet, every woman needs ones. This is a great idea for a loft apt or small apt. Use Glitterfarm Crates to add some color and stack the different sizes to fit shoes, boots and purses.

Rangement vernis a ongles

Cool idea, WAY too many nail polishes - - Nail polish display. This is pretty good, because it looks cool and I have a lot of nail polish.

Bricolage trop la classe comme meuble a chaussures!!

Have lots of shoes? See Ingenious Ways To Store Your Shoes shoe rack ideas closet, shoe rack ideas entryway, shoe rack ideas diy, shoe rack ideas bedroom

Magnet Makeup Board credit: Laura Thoughts []

How to Make Magnet Makeup Board

Sick of makeup cluttering your bathroom sink? Glue a frame to an old cookie sheet and paint it, then adhesive magnets to the back of makeup and attach to dried magnet board.

Nouez vos foulards et vos bas à des cintres pour les ranger facilement. | 23 astuces qui vont simplifier la vie de toutes les filles

How to store tights. Organize them by color and tie them onto hangers to easily see them in your closet. Put together your outfit with matching tights and tie the tights with the outfit to the hanger. Okay, this is clever.

Organizing + Housekeeping - Bathroom Clutter

organizing tips for the bathroom, bathroom ideas, organizing, Metropolitan Organizing NC Squeaky clean glass apothecary jars are one way to categorize and display soaps cotton pads makeup wedges Q tips and other bathroom essentials

exactement ce qu'il me faut

Joint PVC pipe for a hair dryer + flat iron holder! I'd spray paint it or do something to make it look prettier. --- This would be great if I didn't have 5 hair dryers, a diffuser AND two flat irons.