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a small brown and white dog sitting on the floor
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
a person is sitting on the edge of a boat looking out at the blue water
someone holding up two polaroid photos in front of the beach with palm trees on it
palm trees | Tumblr
Memories of the beach
the los angeles freeway sign is clearly visible for all of us to see it's traffic
our great summer adventure XII {Los Angeles I}
I love photos taken from the passenger seat of any moving machine
the shadow of a person's legs and leg in front of a palm tree
a painting of green leaves on a white background
Wierz Bicka
an aerial view of the coast and mountains from atop a hill with trees on it
[explored] Cap Roux
Cap Roux, France French Riviera. Where Grace Kelly took Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief
a palm tree with some lights on it's branches in front of a blue sky
the words winter is coming written in white on a blurry background with trees and snowflakes
perfect winter day
the moon is setting over the ocean waves
an ocean beach with waves coming in to shore and the sky reflecting on the sand
Petit Cabinet de Curiosites