How to make a miniature pond in a pot - Add some goldfish and you won't have mosquito worries. Use gravel instead of the dirt and the water will be clearer. WANT TO TRY THIS!

Making A Pond in a Pot

Welcome to the diy garden page dear DIY lovers. If your interest in diy garden projects, you’are in the right place. Creating an inviting outdoor space is a good idea and there are many DIY projects everyone can do easily.

Couldn't you do this w/ any above ground pool... put the slats around? It is such a good look.

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Jardin d'eau en pot

Making Your Own Container Water Garden

cultivate a mini watery paradise with very little effort by creating a container water garden. By selecting a variety of plants and containers, you can create an customized water garden in any outdoor space that receives six hours of sunlight every day

simple et original : j'aime, je note l'idée

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Jardin aquatique en pot – une petite oasis à mettre au balcon

Jardin aquatique en pot -une petite oasis à mettre au balcon

I have a barrel pond similar to this ~ Mine has fish, water lily & a water iris .

tonneaux fontaine

Creative Ways Of Using Barrels In Home Decor

Sportsman's Guide has your CASTLECREEK™ 2 - tier Barrel Fountain available at a great price in our Pool & Pond collection

barrel fountain - great idea for a flower garden


barrel fountain - great idea for a flower garden, but also could be converted into a container, with flowers tumbling down instead of water

Oak barrel water feature

Share this on WhatsAppOne of my biggest frustrations in life is having our decent garden. Our yard is filled with plants but very unorganized.

container water garden

Mini Oasis If space is limited, a small fountain, bubbling millstone or half-barrel or trough filled with water and aquatic plants can be a good option. Place your feature by a seat or close to the hou


Galvanized tub turned water garden, my aunt Nell had this with water lilies a long time ago.