Fanny Dureault

Fanny Dureault

Fanny Dureault
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Moonshadow. #design by Melogranoblu Milano design week 2012

Delightfull is all about mid-century modern lighting creations. A unique design for a vintage or contemporary home interior. Handmade floor, suspension, table and wall lamps.

Yiqing Yin

Wearable Art - delicate, ethereal dress with sculptural shape, structured pleats and soft rippling textures // Yiqing Yin -

David Ferreira (Westminster University) July 2015

David Ferreira (Westminster University) July 2015 jesus kill whatever spider created those web sleeves

Marimekko´s Spring 2013.

Colos and stripes - Yes Please! Unity & variety, contrast (A variety of colours in the same repition of line, create a sense of unity in this garment. The extreme different colours create contrast)

The future is here at last.

ANDREA JIAPEI LI - The sports mesh bonded onto a a heavy weight fabric produces great silhouette and form- as well as creating interesting shadows that enhance the garment