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Air Dried clay bowls - textured with leaves or lace, varnished. Not food safe, need to be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


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We love these Leaf Animals! A wonderful Autumn craft activity for little ones 😀🍂🍃

DIY Kids Craft - Decorating With Leaves

Animals Using Dry Leaves & Animals Made by Dry Leaves

Celebrate fall with these 10 fun DIY projects with leaves, either real ones from your yard or faux ones from a craft store or dollar store. Try These 10 Fun DIY Projects With Leaves via

orange stars for garland or arrangements

Ideas and Decor

personnages à faire avec des éléments naturels

Twig and Toadstool: Woodland Fairy Folk made from acorn, pinecone and leaves

monsters -- love this -- collage natural items onto photos of your kids to make them crazy costumes.

Easy, Fun DIY Activities You Can Do with your Kids

natural monsters --- collage natural items onto photos of kids to make them crazy costumes.

Kastanien - und was man damit so auf die Beine stellen kann. ;)

Chestnuts are great gifts of autumn season. We like their taste and smell, but if you ever think we can use them for DIY kid project? Actually, making animation characters with chestnuts are really simple .

leaf art

Richard Shilling, Land Artist: "Land Art: 4 Colour Sunwheel -- Made with four different coloured leaves, pinned to a dogwood frame with thorns, placed to catch the evening sun.