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three pillows stacked on top of each other with the words chunky hand knit cushion
T-shirt yarn cushions (inspiring)
two pillows stacked on top of each other
custommade floorpillows XXL knitted with Zpagetti
an ipad in a bag on top of some books
Hoooked: recycled cotton yarn for crochet, knitting and macramé
Tablet sleeve
a crocheted basket with magazines in it
rectangle basket pattern by lauguina siuke
Ravelry: crochet basket pattern pattern by lauguina siuke--free
two knitted baskets sitting on top of a wooden floor
Quick and easy stash baskets are a stylish storage option for yarn and other craft supplies: free crochet pattern
a basket with yarn and knitting needles next to it on a white surface, ready to be sewn
Crochet around a tube! With Hoooked Zpagetti it would make a fabulous basket!
a gray basket with leather handles sitting on top of a black and white striped rug
nurin kurin: Crocheted basket- crochet over clear tubing. The leather handle is a nice touch.
a black and white oval rug with the letter u on it's center piece
Oval Rug Pattern | Crochet Patterns
Oval Rug - looks like a large project, but with a large hook it should go fairly fast.
a chair and table with candles on it
Prachtige poef, heerlijke stoel met warm kleed, chocomel met slagroom, laat die winter maar komen!
crochet pocket organizers hanging basket and door caddys by the hook - free pattern
Needlecrafts - Knit, Sew, Crochet - Home Organizers
Knit Crochet Sew Pocket Organizers - useful, elegant and versatile - DiaryofaCreativeFanatic
two crocheted pillows sitting next to each other on top of blue and yellow blankets
Crocheted and Knitted Floor Rugs, Poufs, Baskets and Pillows, Modern Home Accessories
Anything crocheted and knitted floor rugs, to poufs, to baskets and pillows I love. They are definitely comfortable and warm. Its a very modern look to add to a living space. Great cool colors!