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the door handle is white and has an unusual design
Drop coffee set
Drop coffee set, 1970, designed by Luigi Colani for Rosenthal, Germany.
three brown vases sitting next to each other on a white surface
Anna Torfe
Anna Torfe vas collection #glass #trnaslucent #blue
a black chair sitting on top of a white floor
Mobius chair by Judicael Cornu
A chair made from a single element in recycled material, created by French designer Judicaël Cornu.
a large wooden bench sitting in front of a fire place with two black metal legs
Monica Cintra | Blog da Arquiteta
Mesa Angles … Mais
a chair that is shaped like an arm rest
Julia Kononenko : Yh
Julia Kononenko : Yh
a black object is shown against a white background
Auto Draft - leManoosh
an unusual chair is shown in this image
The Design Walker
Concrete chair
five wooden utensils and spoons on a table
back to nature
no words to describe the beauty of natural materials... more wood please!! pas de mots pour décrire la beauté du naturel... encore et enc...
an assortment of black utensils on a white background
GUY DEGRENNE - Couverts XY Black
a white object on a gray surface with no one in the photo to describe it
Quel design minimaliste fantastique. Je me demande quel matériau est utilisé ici.
a black knife on a gray background
Minimalist Archives - leManoosh
Minimalist : leManoosh
the knife is black and has a gray blade on it's side, with an arrow in the center
Couteau santoku 19 cm EVERCUT. Such an amazing cooking knife!