Le Baiser de l’Hotel De Ville, 1950, by Robert Doisneau. | 6 Vintage Photos That Prove Paris In The Springtime Is Magical

Robert Doisneau: Le baiser de L’Hôtel de Ville, Paris (also known as “The Kiss”), 1950 “ There is scarcely a photograph of our times that has achieved the popularity of Robert Doisneau’s The Kiss in.

Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau, Paris in occupied, a man taking his rabbit for a walk at the champ de Mars, Paris, © Atelier Robert Doisneau tag: eiffel-tower rabbit

I had this as a frame image once. Le remorqueur du champ de mars [photo Robert Doisneau 1943]

Robert Doisneau: Le remorqueur du Champs de Mars, Paris, 1943 smith Honore this would be such a cute picture to reenact with Cecily and Ambrose when they are older. Obviously maybe not in Paris though haha

Robert Doisneau - baiser avec casques 1966

Self-portrait, Robert Doisneau : "Paris series" As a photographer, Robert Doisneau is known for his ability to infuse images of daily .