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❀ ✿ ✾ ❁ Crochet Flowers and Applique items. And anything else you want to fancy up a bit DIY Crochet Flower DIY Crochet Flower

Qu'elle bonne idée

Happy Friday

Crochet Charger Cord Cover: How-To! I wonder if this would increase the life of the charger cord?

insertion de bandes de tissu au crochet pour tapis ou basket

Hirondelle Illustration: recycled rag rug - crochet around t-shirt scrap fabric?

Christmas Coasters By Atty s - Free Crochet Pattern - (atty-s.blogspot)

Every year I will see a cute crochet ornament but it’s always too close to Christmas! I love the vintage fun this could bring to your tree! They make me a little nostalgic, too. Did you grow up seeing crochet ornaments on Grandma’s tree, or is it just me?

J'ai sûrement de vieux chandails quelque part...

How to Make T-Shirt Yarn

Recycle your old t-shirts into yarn! You can use t-shirt yarn to make jewelry, rugs, bags, coasters and lots more! On my list of holiday things to do!

Décoration moderne en verre Copie Pâques

Adjust this idea to hold succulents built on top of rocks or pebbles and moss. Add small pinecones, cinnamon stick, red berries, pine, etc for Christmas centerpiece.

Chaussons crochet

kapcie DIY Sturdy Crochet Slipper Boots Free Pattern from SMP Craft. I really like the look of these slippers because they are unisex and don’t look like thick socks. There is one question about 1 row in the.

Crochet basket method. Use to make baskets, rugs, trivets, etc.

DIY Decor // Crochet around rope or yarn to make rugs, baskets, trivets, etc. Faster than braided or sewn rag-rug method. From Creative Fidget.

Crochet ribbon over plastic tubing - basket

Crochet basket made with tape yarn over plastic tubing. I bet you could do this with t-shirt yarn!

Free Crochet Pattern for the Copycat Crocheted CC Beanie - Megmade with Love

The Crocheted Version of the CC Beanie (Copycat)

Free Crochet Pattern for the Copycat Crocheted CC Beanie - Simple slouchy crochet beanie with fur pom pom

Yarning: Granny Square Pattern

Yarning: Granny Square Pattern - i'm a knitter, and usually not attracted to crocheted blankets, but this was lovely, might just have to learn how to crochet and make one - love that you do little squares, when you have time.