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Salted Caramel Fudge Cups – Delightful E Made Caramel and chocolate come together to make one incredibly delicious treat! With just four ingredients, these Salted Caramel Fudge cups are soft, gooey, sweet and really easy to make! Fudge Recipes, Candy Recipes, Sweet Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Top Recipes, Just Desserts, Delicious Desserts, Yummy Food, Holiday Baking
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Salted Caramel Fudge Cups - Delightful E Made

Caramel and chocolate come together to make one incredibly delicious treat! With just four ingredients, these Salted Caramel Fudge cups are soft, gooey, sweet and really easy to make!

 Comme certains le savent déjà, Hier s’était la reprise… Desserts With Biscuits, Köstliche Desserts, Sweet Recipes, Cake Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Kolaci I Torte, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Homemade Chocolate, No Bake Cake
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Gateau mousse au chocolat comme un Trianon | Le Blog cuisine de Samar

21 reviews

Bonjour tout le monde ! Comme certains le savent déjà, Hier s’était la reprise du chemin de l’école mais aussi…. l’anniversaire de ma petite Lylou 4 ans déjà, et dire qu’elle n’était pas contente de grandir, car elle a peur qu’on ne puisse plus la porter hihihihi. Bref, donc elle a commandé un gâteau au ...

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Mousse chocolat et chantilly de spéculos - Delicious Foods French Desserts, Köstliche Desserts, Chocolate Desserts, Delicious Desserts, Dessert Recipes, Yummy Food, Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Pots, Mousse Dessert
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Mousse chocolat et chantilly de spéculos - Amuses bouche

Encore du chocolat mais c'est la saison qui veut ça. Il y a une saison pour le chocolat?? Oui, c'est du 1er janvier au 31 descendre, en tout cas c'est comme cela chez moi. Bon, à 2 jours du long WE de Pâques, il est vrai qu'on est au pic de l'épidémie...

Frenchymilie: Tiramisu aux Kinder - Or how to fall back into childhood. More faciles gourmet de cocina de postres faciles pasta saludables vegetarianas Sweet Recipes, Cake Recipes, Snack Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Snacks, Egg Recipes, Köstliche Desserts, Delicious Desserts
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Tiramisu aux Kinder.

Je vous ai déjà proposé une recette de tiramisu aux spéculoos il y a quelque temps, cette fois ci c'est une version encore plus gourmande que je vous présente : le tiramisu aux Kinder ! Recette trouvée sur le blog de Lilie Bakery que je vous invite à aller visiter, il regorge de recettes sucrées d'inspiration française et anglo-saxonne. Ingrédients pour 8 grands verres : 6 oeufs 100g de sucre 500g de mascarpone 60g de crème liquide entière 24 kinder biscuits cuillère cacao en poudre pour la…

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As part of the B vitamin complex, water-soluble vitamin B12 – also known as cobalamin due to its elemental cobalt makeup – contributes to your body’s natural energy production and other related biological processes.1 B12 is actually the largest and most complex vitamin, which results in a few important implications for human health. Because of its large chemical structure, your body can’t absorb vitamin B12 as easily as most of the other B vitamins (or other vitamins in general). Ironically, it can be stored in your body quite easily (unlike other B vitamins). Vitamin B12 can be safely consumed in large doses, though, because excess amounts are easily excreted or simply stored in your liver to be made available as needed when supplies run low. That excess B12 can last for up to a year in your body. Health Benefits of Vitamin B12 B12 plays an important role in the formation of DNA. It’s also crucial to the processes that create healthy blood cells and keep your nervous system working properly. Along with its role in red blood cell production, vitamin B12 also helps keep your overall cardiovascular system in check. Even a small B12 deficiency can have serious consequences for your health. Running low on this important nutrient can lead to general fatigue, anemia, muscle weakness, intestinal discomfort and even mood issues.2 Long-term deficiencies can lead to even worse health concerns like dementia or cardiovascular disease. Vegetarians and vegans who eat no animal products whatsoever, along with the elderly who absorb less vitamin B12, are the two most at-risk populations for vitamin B12 deficiency. Why? It’s a matter of where natural vitamin B12 comes from. What Foods are High in Vitamin B12? The challenge of consuming adequate amounts of vitamin B12 in food is finding the right foods that naturally provide this unique nutrient. Plants can’t manufacture it. Animals can’t either. Microorganisms – especially bacteria and fungi – are the only organisms definitively known to produce natural vitamin B12, which is why many foods that are high in B12, like some cereals and breads, come fortified with added synthetic B12. For vegans and vegetarians, it’s especially difficult to get enough B12 without supplementation. According to, “unlike animals, most, if not all, plants have no B12 requirement for any function, and therefore have no active mechanisms to produce or store B12. When B12 is found in them it can be due to contamination which is not reliable.3 In general, because the recommended daily intake for both men and women is a modest 2.4 micrograms (women who are pregnant or breast feeding can up their intake to a whopping 2.8 mcg), most of us can get what we need from our everyday diets and the B12 in foods. That said, since B12 comes almost exclusively from animal food sources like meat, poultry, seafood and eggs, vegans and vegetarians – that don’t start their day off with a bowl of B12 fortified cereal – might still benefit from a B12 or B complex combination supplement. Vitamin B12 Foods for Omnivores (Meat Eaters) If your dinner plate regularly features a few ounces of meat, you’re in luck. You’re virtually guaranteed to meet your daily B12 requirement of 2.4 mcg. Everything from seafood – including, shrimp, scallops, salmon, tuna, cod and sardines – to beef, lamb, turkey and chicken all provide at least 16% of your daily vitamin B12 needs per serving. Check out the infographic below for the top picks in vitamin B rich foods. Vitamin B12 Foods for Vegetarians Vegetarians have it a bit tougher than the meat eaters, but you can still consume enough vitamin B12 to meet your body’s needs from your favorite dairy foods. Cottage cheese, yogurt, regular cow’s milk, eggs and cheese provide anywhere from 10-44% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 Foods for Vegans Any proud vegan will welcome the challenge to get creative and fill in any nutritional gaps left from not eating animal products. In fact, vegans may be the most culinarily creative group of consumers out there! While meat products are the foods highest in B12, there are some great options for vegan foods with B12. Vegan B12 foods include fortified soy, nut and coconut milks, nutritional yeast (a vegan chef’s favorite), mushrooms and tempeh. These are all great sources of vegan B12. Get the Benefits of Vitamin B12 The above B12 foods for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores should help you meet your daily requirements of this vital, energy-producing nutrient, but if you aren’t getting enough B12 in foods alone, supplement your diet with a B complex vitamin, like Swanson Health’s Real Food B-Complex supplement. To learn more about the benefits of B vitamins, read Your Complete Guide to B Vitamins, and find more ways to energize your body and mind with 10 Herbal Supplements to Boost Your Energy Levels.

Try these top vitamin B12 foods for everyone - vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike - and enjoy the energizing benefits of this unique B vitamin.

Need to try this : Tarte mousse au yaourt à la vanille, passion et orange No Cook Desserts, Just Desserts, Delicious Desserts, Dessert Recipes, Yummy Food, Mousse Fruit, Dessert Mousse, Flan, Love Food
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Tarte mousse au yaourt à la vanille, passion et orange | Une Plume dans la Cuisine

Tarte mousse au yaourt, ou le yaourt se transforma en mousse... Il y a environ deux semaines, j'avais acheté une dizaine de yaourts à très bas prix car la Cette tarte mousse au yaourt à la vanille, passion et orange est un dessert exotiquement délicieux et agréablemement fondant en bouche.

Oreo Tiramisu – 2 packets of Oreo (cylindrical packets) – of mascarpone – 3 separate white and yellow eggs – 1 packet of vanilla sugar Mini Desserts, Easy Desserts, Delicious Desserts, Dessert Recipes, Yummy Food, Oreo Desserts, Dessert Dips, Cheesecake Desserts, Nutella
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Tiramisu aux Oreo

Lemon and raspberry mousse - Salades - Dessert Mousse Dessert, Creme Dessert, Köstliche Desserts, Delicious Desserts, Yummy Food, Lemon Desserts, Sweet Recipes, Snack Recipes, Dessert Recipes
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Mousse aux citrons et framboises

28 reviews
20 minutes

jus de citron, framboises, sucre, oeuf, crème liquide, beurre

crème au chocolat - use browser translator Easy Desserts, Delicious Desserts, Dessert Recipes, Yummy Food, Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Desserts, Salsa Dulce, Creme Dessert, Chefs
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J'ai repéré cette recette chez "Boîte à Gâteaux", qui elle-même l'avait trouvé chez Scally, bref quand c'est bon on se refile la recette pas vrai? Avec internet c'est un peu la même chose... Les bonnes recettes circulent de blogs en blogs. Eh bien...

Light and fluffy, this cloud cake doesn't take any baking so you can make it in the morning and enjoy a stress-free dessert. Get the recipe: Strawberry cloud cake Strawberry Cloud Cake Recipe, Raspberry Cake, Rasberry Mousse, Strawberry Tea, Raspberry Cheesecake, Delicious Desserts, Yummy Food, Dessert Cake Recipes, Dessert Table
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Gâteau mousseux aux fraises et framboises, un must do de l'été !

Gâteau mousseux aux fraises et framboises, un must do de l'été ! Un gâteau très facile, léger, délicieux et qui est juste magnifique. A faire absolument.

{recipe} Royal caramel ~ milk chocolate caramel mousse, crunchy praline and almond Dacquoise Desserts To Make, Delicious Desserts, Yummy Food, Sweet Recipes, Cake Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Sweets Cake, Cupcake Cakes, Fancy Cake
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Royal caramel {mousse chocolat au lait caramel, croustillant praliné et dacquoise}

Durant l'été, je n'ai pas manqué de faire un petit passage dans ma pâtisserie préférée. J'ai alors découvert une variante du fameux royal chocolat que nous avons beaucoup appréciée. J'ai trouvé la mousse chocolat caramel très légère, beaucoup moins écœurante que celle au chocolat noir. Je me suis donc mis en tête de le reproduire ou tout de moins, de tenter de m'en rapprocher... Pour ce premier essai, je me suis inspirée de la recette proposée par Cacao Barry. Je peux vous assurer que ce…

cake no butter recipe & cake no butter _ cake no butter recipe _ cake no buttermilk _ cake no butter no eggs _ cake no butter no oil _ cake no buttercream _ buttercream cake _ ooey gooey butter cake Thermomix Desserts, No Cook Desserts, Mini Desserts, Delicious Desserts, Plated Desserts, Charlotte Torte, Desserts With Biscuits, Eat Dessert First, Sweet Cakes
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Recette - Tiramisu au Véritable Petit Beurre® de LU

1 review
45 minutes

Tiramisu au Véritable Petit Beurre® de LU - © Sucré Salé

Chocolate meringue cake in french Chocolate Meringue, Meringue Cake, Best Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Desserts, Sweet Recipes, Cake Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Dessert Food, Healthy Recipes

Gâteau au chocolat meringué

En ce début de semaine maussade, je voulais vous proposer un gâteau hyper gourmand, qui fait du bien au moral. Pour cela, il fallait du chocolat, beaucoup de chocolat. Et aussi un peu de douceur, avec une meringue. Croquante sur le dessus, fondante à l'intérieur, elle apporte à ce gâteau tout simple un charme incomparable. J'ai préparé ce gâteau il y a quelques jours, mais, hélas (mille fois hélas !!!), il n'était pas pour nous. Nous en avons tout de même grignoté une part, bien trop petite…

Image in Dessert, Sweet Things & Fruit 🍩🍦 collection by Trang Lê No Bake Desserts, Just Desserts, Delicious Desserts, Yummy Food, Cupcakes, Cupcake Cakes, Sweet Recipes, Cake Recipes, Dessert Recipes
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Tort Mousse au chocolat | Retete culinare cu Laura Sava - Cele mai bune retete pentru intreaga familie

Astazi sarbatorim iubirea, marea iubire care s-a infiripat intre mine si Cipi meu drag inca din liceu. Acest Tort Mousse au chocolat, extraordinar de fin si delicios a fost facut in amintirea acelor vremuri... Au trecut foarte multi ani de atunci (din pacate) dar totul e atat de viu. Parca ieri treceam unul pe langa…