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a hand holding a small stuffed animal in it's right hand and wearing a green hat
Frog Girl by Astrowolki
Hello, It’s Igor and Anastasia. We are doll artists. Astrowolki is a brand of handmade dolls and creatures. It was founded in Barnaul, Russia in 2016. We mainly use natural fabrics, such us linen, cotton, wool etc. Why only natural fabrics? Because we love nature. Also, we don’t use plastic for the packaging of parcels. Creation of dolls is an for us main profession, and we perfect our skills everyday. Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest and stay be cool 🖤
two stuffed animals are standing next to each other, one is hugging the other's head
Katia Shumkova X
several small stuffed animals sitting next to each other on top of a white surface,
mirtle makes
a stuffed animal mouse is shown on a white surface with no one in the photo
five puppets are standing in front of a white wall and one is wearing an orange hat
marina glebova
two stuffed animals wearing hats and scarves on their heads, one with an orange fox
marina glebova
a hand is holding a blue fish toy in the middle of some wildflowers
Updates from KateMoonWorld on Etsy
a hand holding a doll in front of a tree with green leaves and blue eyes
Marlene | Doll Maker Artist (@filomeluna) posted on Instagram • Jun 14, 2022 at 2:16pm UTC
someone is making a doll with green hair
filomeluna on Instagram: I think it’s always interesting to share with you how our dolls come to life. Here’s how the Mystic Mermaid I donated to our charity…