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Random Inspiration 113

late night car rides, and seeing all the lights. I've always liked going on car rides but going during the night is my favourite time.

➰ Run my dear, from anything that may not strengthen your precious budding wings. Run like hell my dear, from anyone likely to put a sharp knife into the sacred, tender vision of your beautiful heart ~Hafiz

“I am not what I am, I am what I do with my hands.” -- Louise Bourgeois

A superb image of an amazingly interesting woman and artist who will always be an inspiration to me. I simply adore this image. Louise Bourgeois photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

Louise Bourgeois en 1990, derrière sa sculpture en marbre Eye to Eye, 1970 Photo Raimon Ramis

Artists in 60 Seconds: Louise Bourgeois: Louise Bourgeois in 1990 with her marble sculpture Eye to Eye Photo: Raimon Ramis

Nathan Wirth Photography - Coup de cœur pour les photographies de Nathan Wirth. Avec des clichés en noir et blanc d’une beauté incroyable représentant majoritairement des paysages, ce dernier nous propose de rentrer dans son monde à l’ambiance brumeuse appelé « A slices of silence ».

Nathan Wirth Photography

Black and White Photography by Nathan Wirth / Professional Photography Inspirations / PhotoHab (Beta

Merve Ozaslan vit à Istanbul et crée ces collages qui assemblent des photos de paysages en couleurs dans des photos noir et blanc et créent des effets de perspectives et des illusions d’optiques.

Des illusions de couleurs collées

November 2014 ☞ Illustration, Photography ☞ is a Turkey-based photographer. She merged multiple images into intriguing narratives. Using vintage black and white photographs, the artist blended color elements into the.

Paysages naturels (photographies noir et blanc) Affiche sur AllPosters.fr

Never Turn Away The Buddhist Path Beyond Hope and Fear -- Visit the image link more details.

Paysages naturels (photographies noir et blanc) Reproduction artistique sur AllPosters.fr

Paysages naturels (photographies noir et blanc) Reproduction artistique sur AllPosters.fr