Sandro reading... Sarah sleeping... ~ Feeling Good

This is one of the single greatest feelings ever. Reading to your lover in bed. Also being read to by your lover in bed is awesome too.

Petit dej' chez Sarah & Sandro ~ Feeling Good

Justine and Ian's First Home Together

You lovely rookie, you smashed almost every fear this year! Remember to lose that brain of tours once in a while or you will lose to forever. You are alone in this life, but maybe you are enough.

Un mantra pour Sarah ~ Feeling Good

Wake up early. Be ambitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Do well, live well and dress really well.s time to start living.

Fuck you and your standards for "real woman". You call yourself a woman, you're a real woman.

Ben Barnes as Sandro ~ Feeling Good

Ben Barnes - Benjamin Thomas Ben Barnes (born 20 August is an English actor. He has appeared in the television series Doctors, and in the films Stardust, Bigga Than Ben, Prince Caspian, Dorian Gray and Easy Virtue. Ben Barnes was born in L