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Can get the nail art anchor from Avon . Simply paint nail in yr chosen color, stick anchor (nail art) on to whichever nail u prefer and yr good to go.

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I want to do this with 4 nails polished in the " coral" color. Then I'd like to have one "accent nail" done. I personally prefer the " stripes and heart" accent nail. really cute nails!

Tutoriel dessin ongles bloc de couleurs

13 Pre-Fall Nail Art Design Tutorials - GleamItUp Note: The last pic is clearly not the result of the tutorial. by kanikati

Tutoriel - Ongles Géométrique Chevron

DIY Zig Zag Nails nails diy nail art nail trends diy nails diy nail art diy nail tutorial Omg i can do chevron nails now!

yay or nay?

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