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many different types of flowers made out of plasticine and rubberine beads, all in various colors
V'là le printemps ! - les patouilles de Bout2fee
three flower pots are painted on white paper
Autour des FLEURS
several colorful pieces of paper are arranged on a wall
Jardins extraordinaires... - les patouilles de Bout2fee
a pile of colorful paper flowers sitting on top of a white wall next to a sign
Des fleurs de printemps, à la manière de Takashi Murakami ~ La Classe des gnomes
an art project made out of paper with circles and dots on the bottom, depicting a woman's face
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Masque de carnaval comme Romero Britto
Amiscol: Masque de carnaval comme Romero Britto
the cover of a book with dices on it and an image of a board game
Arlequin Graphique - Jeu avec des dés
a painting of a gingerbread house with buttons on the front and sides, surrounded by swirls and dots
Hansel et Gretel - La classe des GS et des CP de Guiscard
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