heart tree wish i can spend watching the sunset with the man i have in mind ...

Look through the heart in the tree.God's love is shinning for you and for me. For God So Loved The World, That He Gave His Only Begotten Son, That Whosoever Believeth In Him Should Not Perish, But Have Everlasting Life.

there you are ... two love bugs perched atop a cherry stem heart

Heart cherry stem with two lady bugs. lady bugs in love. that sounds weird. LADY bugs in love?

take me with you

I think this board will mostly be filled with scrabble stuff.but it's scrabble and travel.

Un couple heureux, c'est quoi ? Réponses de Pascal Campion !

A quoi ressemble un couple heureux ? Réponse en 16 dessins qui mettent le bonheur à portée de main !


I love kissing. And I just adore black and white kiss photos. Now I am no fool, I know the images below are just fabrications of romantic i.