how spacious and lovely. this is a room you can just stay in all day.

Love the bed elevated above the rest of the room~ White interior: ceiling, windows, natural lights. (Beach house project by Evi and Jochem Elsner, Home Concept)

When your attic doubles as a one-room studio, planning out the space takes a little creativity. A soft landing pad beneath the bed can designate a spot for the bedroom, while a cleverly placed shelf becomes a chic divider for the luxurious bath.

11 reasons why you need an attic bedroom

this is different Excellent use of space under eaves - room divided by built in bookshelf, with sliding panel in pocket (cool, hard to describe!

deco chambre mansardee pour une suite parentale, sol en bois clair

Tout pour votre chambre mansardée en photos et vidéos!

5 idées pour bien aménager des combles

5 idées pour bien aménager des combles

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