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Meet Melissa, a brave cat rescued from the chaos of war. Abandoned in a park amidst conflict, her journey from fear to rediscovered joy will warm your heart. Watch as she transforms from a frightened soul to a playful companion, a testament to resilience!
A Rare Tortoiseshell Cat Gets Adopted From a Las Vegas Shelter


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16 Cats Who Love to Hang Out in the Bathroom Sink (Pictures) #cats #catpictures #catloversonly
17 Weird Habits We All Have But Won’t Admit It


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Découvrez les causes, les signes et le traitement possibles de l'acné du menton des chats.

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Votre chaton fait des bêtises et vous voulez le rendre plus civilisé ? Rendez-vous dans cet article pour mes conseils de comportementaliste chat !
éduquer son chat comprendre son chat comportementaliste


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Muchos tutores se preguntan si a los gatos les gustan los besos o si este tipo de demostración de afecto resulta incómoda para sus felinos. Descubre a continuación si a los gatos les gustan los besos.


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12 Weird Things We Do As Cat Owners That We Try To Keep Secret
Kitties! Do your humans ever do any of these crazy things? Humans! Are YOU guilty of any of these? Find out!

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Is it normal to talk to your cat? Does your cat understand you when you talk to them? - Learn more about how cats communicate and why saying ''Goo goo ga ga'' to your cat is a good idea #catsandkittens #catneeds #catinformation #aboutcats #vocalcats
How To Help An Abused Cat Recover #cattipsandtricks


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There’s no shortage of impressive — and expensive — cat trees on the market, but we’ve got ideas for DIY cat trees and shelving that won't break the bank.


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Qué productos puedo darle a mi gato si tiene diarrea  Si tu gato tiene diarrea, no le puedes dar cualquier producto que desees. Deberás cuidar mucho su dieta. Aquí te damos las claves. #gato #diarrea #salud #productos


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Reste avec moi ! - 20 chats et chiens qui s'aiment et vont vous faire fondre (Photos) - Page 17 - Wamiz
Vous avez un chien et un chat à la maison ? Ou vous avez déjà un chien et vous prévoyez d'adopter un chat ? Si vous souhaitez faire cohabiter chien et chat ensemble, nous vous recommandons de lire notre article Planète Animal qui vous donne tous les conseils et recommandations afin que vos deux meilleurs amis se rencontrent et tissent un lien d'amitié pour vivre tous ensemble sans encombre. #chienetchat #chienetchatensemble #chienetchatmignon

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A cat's guide to owning a pet human was written by a cat for cats. It's a must read! #cats #catguide


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We cover 14 ways to cat proof your home. Have you thought of all of them? Find out now #cats #catcare


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Kittens are much more sensitive compared to adults for a number of reasons, the main one being that they do not have a fully developed immune system. Therefore, they are much more likely to develop conditions that wouldn’t be life-threatening for adults but that could lead to very severe complications in their case. . . . . . #cat #kitten #kittens #catlover #cute #love #pets #animals


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All cats deserve to be truly spoilt. Here are 19 ways to go to town with the pampering of your favorite feline. You know it deserves it!
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#gato #gatos #móvelparagato #fofura #gatosdormindo

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In today’s post, we are looking at everything you should know about this health issue, from its causes and symptoms to how it can be treated and prevented.
Xylitol is a very common sugar substitute that home cooks and people who want to lose weight can use every now and then. Unfortunately, it is also a common ingredient in other types of household products, including cleaning supplies, shower gels, or shampoos. . . . . . . . #cat #cats #kitten #sweetner #sweet #pets #animals #xylitol #veterinarian


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