Dining-time - By Chuan²


Dinner - transitions/animation - flat design w/ dimension -



Kettly iPhone app concept by Jakub Antalik

Dropdown Menu UI  by Matt Gentile

Dropdown Menu UI by Jeplaa ( on CodePen) and Dribbble inspiration

Upload button

Upload button (PSD)

Cloud button with nice progress indication


PU Profile

Nice unique UI with subtle details, that make it very attractive.

Cream Clean by Agence Me

Dribbble - Cream Clean by Agence Me- timeline

A Short History of iPhone Photography by DFA NY , via Behance

A Short History of iPhone Photography - Designed by Milos Randjelovic under the DFANY

"tuto" intégré lors du premier login

View on Dribbble


PU Timeline View

Timeline View Able to toggle from timeline/gallery view. Filter your feed and browse on top. Setting options when hover over your avatar.

"tuto" intégré lors du premier login

Dribbble - Join Step 1 by Kerem Suer


Four Life App

Timeline Graphics for Web, Mobile, and Print Design / Design Tickle

Personal Diary iPhone App by Jozef Mak

Personal Diary iPhone App

25 Gorgeous Examples Of Timeline In Mobile Apps UI Design - Smashfreakz


Dribbble - Timeline Post by Ionut Zamfir


jpg by David Kovalev UI

Hive, the social bar - Overview by Aline Kesting, via Behance

Hive - The social bar Graphic Design, Interaction Design, User Interface Design

Image uploader pop-up by Kevin Anderson

Just fooling around with some colors.