I love the full-sleeve + one pec tattoos, especially if the guy is dedicated enough to build the muscles to match. These really balance well on a body and have a stunning effect, especially if the guy man-scapes.

Éphémérides sur la peau

War hero turned underwear model Alex Minsky has inspired thousands with the harrowing account of losing his leg as a Marine in Afghanistan and the smokin' hot bod he developed during rehabilitation.

Awesome 35 Cool Tattoos for Men

Second Revised Edition of Essentials of Road Safety Launched -

Tattoos for men are quite different from women tattos. Men want to deign more creepy and odd tattoos than women on their body

41 Inspiring and Mostly Black and White Tattoos to Inspire Your Next Ink Session ...

We never thought that tattooed skulls and flowers would go together well since they are so different. Skulls are dark, macabre, and a little scary. Flowers are bright, happy, and colorful.


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