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an illustration of monkeys playing in the jungle
Mowgli face aux singes
Mowgli face aux singes
a drawing of trees and birds in the woods
La chauve souris
La chauve souris aux crayons de couleurs
a painting of a bird house surrounded by leaves and flowers
La petite souris
La petite souris à l'encre acrylique
a drawing of a mouse flying through the air with flowers in it's mouth
Petit Chien au crayon de couleur
a painting of a person swimming in a river surrounded by trees
Le Livre de la Jungle
Le Livre de la Jungle
a black and white drawing of clouds in the sky with trees on either side of it
Croquis au crayon par Florian Pigé
a black and white photo of a tennis court with a net in the foreground
Croquis au crayon par Florian Pigé
an elephant with a party hat on its head
Eléphant avec deux chapeaux
a boat floating on top of a body of water
Affiche pour LEC Festival - Florian Pigé
three bees flying around a honeycomb on a yellow background
"Abeilles" par Florian Pigé
two colorful parrots sitting on top of a tree branch in front of some leaves
Florian Pigé
"Perroquets" par Florian Pigé
a painting of flowers and a bird in the distance
Florian Pigé
"Voyage de poche" écrit par Séverine Vidal et illustré par Florian Pigé
a drawing of a yellow submarine floating in the air over a mountain and forest area
Passion Dinosaures 2 - Florian Pigé
a drawing of a yellow dinosaur sitting on top of a mountain
Passion Dinosaures - Florian Pigé