Mirrored chair from the ‘Lounge Seating’, series, 1988 by Robert and Trix Haussmann

Mirrored chair from the ‘Lounge Seating’, series, 1988 by Robert and Trix Haussmann

Jacob Hashimoto installation. Gloucestershire Resource Centre…

Jacob Hashimoto – Silent Rythm, 2002 – 9 columns of 75 items made out of silk, bamboo and nylon – installation view – Galleria Traghetto Venezia

Charlotte Ham - Void Collection

Charlotte Ham.

FASHION: I C E’s ‘VOID’ Collection I C E is a womenswear brand created by Charlotte Ham - a designer from London. [[MORE]] Her designs reflect a sophisticated, contemporary and modern style that.

Minimal Design Chair

Remarkable Minimal Chair Designs

Remarkable Minimal chair designs is a part of our furniture design inspiration series. Minimal chair designs inspirational series is a weekly showcase

White cube, Segmentation, Jiyong Lee, 2013

Inspired by his fascination with cell division, artist Jiyong Lee has created incredible glass sculptures that represent this scientific process. As onlook

“Rues sans frontières”, installation scénographique de l’agence Stéphane Malka Architecture pour la 2ème Biennale Internationale de Moscou.

stephane malka Rue Sans Frontieres - Featuring ordinary cardboard boxes transformed into a single visual masterpiece, the Stephane Malka Rue Sans Frontieres installation is undoubtedly.

Nendo, Invisible outlines

invisible outlines

Nendo, Invisible outlines

Emma-Hack-Oriental-fir-with-owl-2013.jpg (855×600)

Emma Hack and Her Body Painting Camouflage at The Cat Street Gallery