Salt installations by artist Motoi Yamamoto

Intricate salt installations by artist Motoi Yamamoto

MOTOI YAMAMOTO, FLOATING GARDEN: rooms filled with the craziest salt installations. some videos of the process at source link. I know I've already pinned some of his art, but its just so cool.

Salt Labyrinth Installation by Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto

More than halfway through art school, Motoi Yamamoto uses salt to create intricate labyrinth patterns on gallery floors or in baked brick form to construct large interior structures.

Motoi Yamamoto

Escultor usa somente sal e as mãos para criar obras incríveis

Salt installations by artist Motoi Yamamoto //

Intricate salt installations by artist Motoi Yamamoto

Motoi Yamamoto has taken salt of the table and turned it into art! his intricate mazes and labyrinths made entirely out of salt display not only a lot of patience, but also an incredible imagination and devotion to his work.

Motoi Yamamoto - Salt sculptures

Funny pictures about Staircase made of salt. Oh, and cool pics about Staircase made of salt. Also, Staircase made of salt photos.

Motoi YAMAMOTO working on his salt installation

Previous pinner: "Motoi YAMAMOTO working on his salt installation" -- Me: During Spoleto "The Halsey shows Saltworks by installation artist Motoi Yamamoto." This salt sculpture is “Return to the Sea: Saltworks.

Motoi Yamamoto. Floating Garden and Labyrinth Salt. Aigues Mortes, 2016. Salt labyrinths inside a 13th century french castle.

'Univer’sel', Motoi Yamamoto poured salt labyrinths on the floors of a castle in the South of France.

Motoi Yamamoto - Forest Of Beyond - 2012 2

Les motifs salés de Motoi Yamamoto

Incredible Salt Mazes by Motoi Yamamoto Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto creates incredibly intricate mazes made entirely out of salt! Currently showing at the Hakone Open-Air Museum in Kanagawa, Japan is one of his newest works entitled 'Forest of Beyond'.

Matoi Yamamoto

"Labyrinths are doubts made of stones."Artists at work: Motoi Yamamoto creating his labyrinth of salt.

Matoi Yamamoto works with salt

artruby: “Salt sculptures by Motoi Yamamoto. ” Love Motoi Yamamoto’s work.

Matoi Yamamoto, Salt Installations

Yamamoto's Elaborate Salt Labyrinths

"Labyrinth" is one of Motio Yamamoto's works on display at the Fondation Espace Ecureuil in Toulouse, France. This piece took 50 hours to create over the course of five days and used pounds of salt.