Frotter le métal avec du papier d'aluminium pour enlever les fines couches de rouille.

Removing Rust From Chrome School Chairs For A Cute Dining Set . removing rust from metal using aluminum foil and water . it actually polishes it . it really works, you can also add toothpaste to polish the metal too per the comments .

Showers in the Attic

For a bath in the attic. Showers in the Attic: Very cool design that is also very functional. Attic shower by Sylvie Cahen.

Le Miroir / planche à repasser

33 Insanely Clever Things Your Small Apartment Needs

Bath mirror with pullout

The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2014

Bath mirror with pullout, by Decora Cabinetry It's nice to see such a novel concept for cramped baths: a medicine cabinet with shelved drawers that open to the sides so that you don't have to duck a swinging door to grab your toothbrush.

The Hook-On Balcon Bureau

33 Insanely Clever Things Your Small Apartment Needs

rephorm: Design for the balcony / Design for the balcony / furniture for small spaces: balKonzept: Balcony Table Balcony + box + Balkonbar + Balcony Desk . at rephormhaus / Berlin

Je couds, tu couds, nous cousons ...: Mon meuble de repassage

This is a bit clever, a real space saver for those that have small craft/sewing rooms.

Peignez vos clés avec du vernis à ongles pour les distinguer facilement. | 23 astuces qui vont simplifier la vie de toutes les filles

27 Life Hacks-Tips Every Girl Should Know About.TIP Paint your keys with nail polish to easily distinguish the sets.

Barn doors. They are just so awesome. May do in the garage for pretty storage.

Love the barn doors! Pantry behind barn doors. Great for a narrow kitchen with little storage. (And theres's no space for things to get shoved far in the back - LOVE IT!