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BnF - Livres carolingiens, manuscrits de Charlemagne à Charles le Chauve

Psalter of Charles the Bald (Charles le Chauve) with cover in ivory, gold, and silver copied by Liuthard of the School of Charles the Bald, France bef.

medievalthedas:  French music book from c. 1475. Medieval Panorama, p. 125. -- (Source: mirousworlds)

French music book, circa This heart-shaped songbook — the Chansonnier Cordiforme, also known as the Chansonnier de Jean de Montchenu, consists of seventy-two parchment folios, in a heart shaped leather binding that opens to a double heart shape.

CODEX ROTUNDUS. Petit livre d'heures. Bruges, 1480. Diam. 9 cm. Miniatures de l'atelier du Hollandais Willem Date, actif 1450-1482. Hildesheim Cathedral Library, Germany

The “Codex Rotundus” owes its name to its round shape. It is a small book of hours cm diameter) made in Bruges in Thumbnails are most likely from the workshop of Dutchman Willem Date illuminator (active from 1450 to (Hildesheim Cathedral Library, Germany)