Elise Gravel illustration • fish • fun • art • cute • pattern • drawing

Elise Gravel illustration • fish • fun • art • cute • pattern • drawing

Natural history art prints by Kelsey Oseid #whales #sealife #nursery #ocean…

Artist Spotlight: Natural History Illustrations by Kelsey Oseid

"Creatures of the infraorder Cetacea," Art print of an illustration by Kelsey Oseid. This poster chronicles 30 amazing whales, dolphins, and porpoises from the taxonomic infraorder Cetacea. Printed in Minneapolis on acid free 80


look at watercolor dipped doilies for wrapping, etc. Color Me Pretty: Ocean Hues

Aussie James Gulliver Hancock is the artist who is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York. He is working in a project called "All The Buildings In New York".

Illustrations by Babeth Lafon on www.inspiration-now.com

is a Paris-born, Berlin-based freelance illustrator and she loves to create intricate images on coloured papers for clients such as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Flair. The post Babeth Lafon appeared first on Art Fucks Me.

Alexander Henry - June Bug - Agave - Multi

Manufacturer: Alexander Henry June Bug cotton Fat Quarter: 18 x 22 Half Yard: 18 x WOF Full Yard: 36 x WOF