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Grey & White Kitten with a Little Moustache ....

* * Me hopes deese beads be froms Mardi Gras. Me couldn'ts resist dem. Dey be hangin' der ands me swiped at em - dey fellz to de floor. I be soree.

Twelve reasons you should never own a Siamese Cat. Beside the fact that they're adorable snuggly, and their blue eyes seem to search your soul. <3

Berries of the Growing Bush (Berries) ~ Tom ~ Can be Snobby ~ Prankster ~ Adventurous ~ Teases Ocean ~ No Mate/Kits ~ Crush:None ~ 16 Moons ~ Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

In case you ever wondered why #dogs curl up in a ball while taking a snooze...

Does your dog sleep curled up in a ball or belly up? And does he ever twitch while sleeping or crawl under the covers? We decode dog sleeping habits.