They will never find it in their hearts to spend money on something unique and beautiful. Hammered metals, marble, stone, fabric textures will all be dismissed in favor of cheap linoleum and off white paint.

THE WOOD COLLECTOR | Wooden Textured Surface

Revêtement mural en bois

London-based design practice, Giles Miller Studio, specialises in the development of truly innovative surfaces for interior, hospitality and retail design projects

"Réspirer" piece qui peut etre utilisé comme tuiles ou autres fait de " Onggi soil" // SWBK

Réspirer is a piece that makes use of Onggi soil which has merits of Onggi, showing a possibility as a new material. If Onggi soil is put into a mold and sticked together layer upon layer, it could function as a exterior material of structure.

San Telmo Museum // Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

San Telmo Museum / Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

materials-texture/tactile San Telmo Museum, Spain: Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos (semi-plant wall covering the building with perforated steel sheet)

three-dimensional green wall at the Zentro Commercial and Office Building outside Lima, Peru, designed by Veronica Crousse of the Buenos Aires-based practice Gonzalez Moix Arquitectura as a "mural of recycled wooden planks fitted together like a haphazard puzzle with several kinds of plant species sprouting from the cracks and seams."

Zentro Office Building and Commercial - La Molina District, Peru - 2012 - Gonzalez Moix Arquitectura -- Nice way to soften the wall.


Brick Composition: regular unit size - subtle difference in colour & texture of each brick - rotation adds depth & shadow + scale - adds texture & rhythm

wall texture

Part of a series of work proposing new architectural surfaces. This is a grid of nested hexagons with linework radiating from the center of each module. It was designed, drawn and fabricated digitally. The material is mdf milled with a CNC router.

love the rhythm of the linear, vertical movement and the light and dark, horizontal movement.

Vertical Facade - love the rhythm of the linear, vertical movement and the light and dark, horizontal movement.

Detail shot of the Louis Vuitton Tokyo facade designed by Aoki Jun.

Japanese studio Aoki Jun and Associates redesigned the facade of the Louis Vuitton store in the Ginza district of Tokyo with a patterned and perforated shell based on the brand's monogram.

Wall textures

During my early years in Architecture, I spent many hours searching for Architectural details, desperate to understand the real nitty gritty details of construction. As you know, good reliable Architectural details .

Trifaces - Concrete. — Giovanni Barbieri

So satisfying! We love the three dimensional pattern combined with the unregulated texture of the material.

"Humble" ventilation blocks. Beautiful pattern. Photographer unknown. via arktetonix

Ark Texture #020

"Casting Architecture" - Relooks the Humble Ventilation Block in Tropical Design Handmade tiles can be colour coordianated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios