Paper sculpture

Beautiful paper sculptures that illustrate the interplay between the folds and play of light. by Matthew Shlian

Olafur Eliasson, Your House, 2006. 430 x 270 x 105 mm, 908 pages. Artist’s book, limited edition of 225 —Commissioned by the Library Council of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Your House consists of a laser-cut negative of Olafur Eliasson’s house in Copenhagen at a scale of 85:1. The book is based on a computer-generated model of the house sliced vertically into 454 even parts. Each of the corresponding 454 hand-bound, individually-cut pages corresponds to 2.2 cm of the actual house.

Your House by Berlin-based artist Olafur Eliasson. Commissioned by the Library Council of The Museum of Modern Art in New York, Your House is a remarkable arrangement of cutouts and imagery presented in a minimalist yet technical format.

An incredible kinetic sculpture of San Francisco made of 100,000 toothpicks and took 35 years to build. By Scott Weaver. See video here

An incredible kinetic sculpture of San Francisco, made of toothpicks. Took 35 years to build. By: Scott Weaver.


wood and stone Bernard Goethals / Conceptuel / Installation / Sculpteur / artiste belge


Bartlett Year 1 Architecture Diary: Maki Onishi, Models this is so interesting as a form it seems so much more sculptural as oppposed to many pieces but together, could be a fun method to try out.


Núcleo Museográfico de Alverca in Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal by Isabel Aires and José Cid Architects - love the combination of the 2 models although I'm not sure how we could make use of it.

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Vivre dehors!

Vivre dehors!

A pergola offers shade, can serve as support for the climbing plants or simply adds visual appeal to a space. You can add a pergola to your patio, deck or garden and use it to relax, sit and entertain guests. Here are 10 tips for building a pergola.

ATELIER RUE VERTE , le blog: Collectif Project Inside / Du bleu nuit pour un sofa /

Collectif Project Inside / Du bleu nuit pour un sofa /

wood architectural chair

The Houston, husband and wife design team of Josh and Audrey Hardesty from Harbenger Duo , have created the Kart chair.The chair is made fr.