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I have been living in Provence since the end of 2010 and I love this region more than anything: its beautiful light and its shimmering colors, its tasty cuisine…
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many different colored bars of chocolate in wooden trays on display at a market stall
dans le quartier du Marais Paris...Shop Marseille soap <3
an old building with a window and potted plant
Inspiration lane...
I am putting this on my Landscaping board because I really like the idea of putting the planter on the ground in front of the window.
an outdoor table and chairs in front of a stone building with ivy growing on it
perfect garten
perfect provençal garden
a bar of soap sitting on top of a white plate
Marseille soap: the only kind I use. Pre de Provence Linden and Vervaine are faves.
many different types of breads are on display
Provence travel guide {Market of St Remy de Provence} via Classic Bride blog. photo: Sarah Darcy
there is a pink rug on the floor in front of two large tanks and a mop
Natural Beauty Skincare Products | L'OCCITANE en Provence - USA
A city of “art and history”, but especially of perfume and flowers, Grasse invites us to visit its streets, museums and gardens
there is a blue pool in the middle of some rocks and trees next to it
Fontaine de Vaucluse
two donkeys standing next to each other on a hill
Donkeys near Aix en Provence, Provence, France
Donkeys near Aix en Provence, Provence, France
a store front with baskets and other items on display
French Country Details
Décor de Provence -- a Quincaillerie is sort of a hardware store, or an everything store
a blue bike parked next to a building with two doors and a basket on the handlebars
Mirepoix, Midi-Pyrenees, France
dried lavenders for sale at a flower shop in france, with signs on them
Guest Post: Provence Market Days - Over Yonderlust
Fresh lavender from the Provence, France open air market; I must pick lavendar one day. There was a huge field in Ireland full of it but it was private property :(.
an old fashioned merry go round with horses on it's sides and trees in the background
La Belle Epoque Carousel, Avignon, France
Venez faire un tour sur le caroussel de la Place de l'horlgoe à Avignon