Peindre un tapis

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an ornately designed rug in the middle of a living room with a chair and potted plant
skimstone...So amazing! I will be doing this to my cement floors soon.
a person is using a knife to paint the floor with blue and orange stripes on it
How to Create a Faux Rug With Paint
painted rugs on concrete | How to Create a Faux Rug With Paint : Decorating : Home & Garden ...
a wooden deck with green and white rugs on it
a white rug with tassels on the floor
a white and black rug sitting on top of a floor next to a bed in a room
Tapis trompe l'oeil peint à la chaux sur sol ciment
black and white carpeted stairs leading up to the second floor
Peindre un tapis trompe l’œil dans l'escalier