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the website design is clean and modern
Sportschule im Olympiapark - Website Redesign
A fun project and non-official redesign of the school website, based on the corporate design, I made for the school.
three different types of web pages with the same color scheme
Nespresso_Kitchenaid_Full_Pixels.jpg by Steve ✦ Fraschini
Nespresso by Kitchenaid by Steve Fraschini
a large number of different images are shown in this graphic design workflowe, which includes
an image of a website page with multiple images and text on the front, in different colors
Credits Agency: Republik Media @republik_media Production: Michal Kenderski @kendereski Creative Direction Design: Nemanja Ivanovic @nemanjaivanovic Creative Development: Marco Barbosa @marcobarbosa Video Animation: Ferenc Horvat @feshap
an info sheet with several different types of information
Into the Arctic - Greenpeace - Awwwards SOTD
One of my favourite website in 2013 - Greenpeace #website #digital #design #template
the website is designed to look like it has many different images
Cutthroat & Cavalier by Brijan
the website design is displayed on multiple devices, including one with an image of a plate of food
Auberge Handfield
Auberge Handfield.
a large number of different types of boats in the ocean and on land, all with lines
Interview Magazine