This is so lovely!

A cut pink crystal turns itself into a lovely geometric pattern. Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom


Posters for the opening of 13 wives a bar in Singapore designed by Foreign Policy Design Group. The name comes from a story of the bartender's little black book and the women he has known and loved.

Vertical scroll, wine website.

Vertical scroll, wine website Colour spectrums for liquors. Vertical, angular, they represent speed and uncomfortability. Could it mean youre gonna get drunken much faster ? or feel much better ?

GEOMETRIC POSTER        A pretty cool geometric poster here. via Posters | Veerle’s blog

Love these fragmented abstract shapes and colours in this Ian Cyborg Poster - design by Bravo


Decoration with triangle shaped acessoires and wall print in pastel colors via trendenser

Gama de colores.~

GOODFORKS for a new sustainable food system by Marion Luttenberger, via Behance

Zebra by  Nacho Gil

"Animals” de Nacho Gil

Nacho Gil’s hand-drawn “Animals” have an aura of the century avant-garde art movement CUBISM. Who ever thought that the face of animal could be created into this amazing vector illustration without the usage of any digital media in the century?