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Drapé - Color inspiration - Inspiration de couleurs pastels Collage, Layout, Design, Inspiration, Silk, Colours, Color Theory, Color Patterns, Color Textures
YUKI FUJISAWA — Color Collective
Drapé - Color inspiration - Inspiration de couleurs pastels
an orange and blue pattern with corals on it
The Hypnopompic Hallucinations of Kustaa Saksi
Kustaa Saksi, Finnish, fabric design for Marimekko
an image of some sort of art work
Cellules végétal: coupe transversal
a close up view of an abstract glass design
Texture : Window / Vitre
a white and black speckled surface with small rocks
themotifeye: Terrazzo Stone
blue and white marble is shown in this image
an abstract painting of blue mountains against a white sky
the poetry of material things
vjeranski:Lynn Pollard
an abstract painting with blue and green colors
‘Frog Croak’. Abstract Collage by UK Illustrator, Tom Abbiss Smith.
an abstract painting with blue and white colors in the sky, clouds are visible behind it
A well traveled woman
Andreas Nicolas Fischer | Schwarm VII Generative Software Process (The software uses a swarm of particles to gradually create an abstract composition based on the color and composition of a series of photographs. The drawing agents behave according to a set of rules, but have a degree of autonomy. When the software is being run it produces an infinite sequence of unique images over time).
black and white photo of the sun shining in the sky with water droplets on it
Gold Dust
Dust was a big motif in Grapes of Wrath. It represented the hard work and difficult times the Joad family had to go through during their immigration. Ma was able to keep the family together through these times. Although there was a lot of hard work (or dust), the family always got through it together with the help of their caring Ma.
a snowboarder is going down the side of a snowy hill with green moss growing on it
a plant with green leaves is shown in this black and white photo, it appears to be blurry