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two eggs are on top of bacon and baked beans in the shape of croissants
Full English croissants
an egg with the words breakfast written on it
two eggs on top of tortillas with salsa and avocado next to it
Huevos Rancheros
These huevos rancheros are one of our best brunch recipes. Find this and more easy brunch recipes at dish.co.nz
an egg sandwich with spinach, cheese and sauce
I Can't Get Enough of This Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwich
The Ultimate Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwich Recipe | Kitchn
an egg is being boiled into toasted bread with butter on it and the image has been split in half
an egg sitting on top of a wooden pole with a nest in it's center
from : Harold Ross Photographer : haroldrossfineart.com
an egg shell with yellow yolk in it
an egg is shown in the middle of some sort of frying pan with oil on it
Maple-Fried Egg and Sausage Biscuit
This sandwich is adapted from a recipe in Martin Picard’s completely genius and maple-centric book, Au Pied de Cochon: Sugar Shack, based upon the meals served at his "cabane à sucre” outside of Montreal. I have simplified the recipe in places, but the root of it remains the same: the syrup. If the idea of frying an egg in dark sweet liquid turns you off, I will suggest you set your prejudices aside and give it a try. Maple is no longer just for your latte in the fall. Track down Picard’s boo...
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an egg is being held by a knife
a piece of toast topped with whipped cream and an egg
Chelsea Zimmer
two eggs are on top of some type of sandwich that is sitting on a paper towel
Croque Madame
an egg and bacon sandwich on a toasted bun with melted eggs in the middle
Alex Lau Macro — 2D Creative Artists