japanese ascetic monk.

Japanese ascetic monk ( some with begging bowls standing in Tokyo train stations from time to time, or walking very very slowly to the station)

wandering monk / okinawa soba  Une nostalgie d'un autre monde, dans un autre rythme et une autre compréhension du temps....

Lantern-slide image of Hieizan Enryakuji temple at Mount Hiei, Kyoto, ca. attributed to Kozaburo Tamura and published by T. Takagi of Kobe, Japan. The color in the image was added later and may not be accurate.

Japanese deer at Kasuga Grand Shrine, Nara, Japan

Japanese deer at Kasuga Grand Shrine, Nara, Japan Nara is beautiful, but watch out for the deer poop.

Temple Monk, Mandalay, Burma

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Temple Monk, Mandalay, Burma - officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and commonly shortened to Myanmar in Southeast Asia.