Bae Se-hwa

/ The amazing furniture works of Bae Se-hwa, - As You Want/Couple Chair is a tidy, clever piece of multifunctional furniture.

Genya by Lamm | seating | university furniture. Designed and created specifically for the Aula Magna at the new Bocconi University campus in Milan, the Genya armchair uses the stylistic features, minimalist spirit and austere appearance of the building designed by Grafton Architects. When closed, the seat has the appearance of a compact wall, in which all possible sources of disturbance are designed to remain hidden within the volume.

Product/industrial design inspiration

More modern & creative product/industrial designs. I love the concept, just would want to make one slight change and have more comfy inviting cushion feel to the design.

V- Shelves: I love design which is clean & functional.

V-Shelves - A laminated plywood shelf that has a gentle "v" at one end to enable the user to display an open book. The two wall-fixation components that resemble books in shape and size also act as bookends.

salvaged wood for making book stand

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