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Raiponce- 24 Novembre 2010

Day Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled by David Gilson. This is from the scene where her hair is braided. If you are doing the challenge, post your art.

Hello , i am Raiponce

This is Stacy she is 15 years old she loves to play outside because she has nature powers plz adopt


Annabelle is 16 years old and has lazy powers. She is always taking selfies and gets annoyed when people don't listen. She likes watching basketball.

J'aime son chandail et ses cheveux

This is Rachel, she is 14 and a tomboy, she's a great friend and loves baseball. She is loving her new school, Disney High!

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This is Caitlyn. She absolutely ❤️ cats but unfortunately she's allergic. But her allergy has never stopped her from taking adorable pictures with cats. She is Plz adopt

Cool girl

Adopted by: Toralei Stripes Name: Jessica Age: 17 Jessica loves selfies, friends, and school. She also loves starting homework clubs! PLEASE ADOPT!

Destiny                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

This is Lenna. She must have ran away with her little cousin because she washed up a shore with her. Lenna insists she is going to be adopted with her little cousin or not at all. Her cousins name is Katie. plz adopt her and Katie!

ADOPTED!! Name: Jessica  Age:17 Description: Very playful. She plans on being a Teecher.

This is ash she's Ash likes English a lot. She hates sports bit loves acting and dance. She doesn't like the dentist.

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This is Mary she's 14 years old. She loves bike rides and walks on the beach. She loves dogs and younger siblings to play with. Her parents died while being cops, it was two devastating deaths to her town. Please Adopt!