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DIY Halloween Decorations

Just buy some cheap fake flowers at the dollar store and stick a novelty Halloween eye in the middle! "Eye" see you!

NYC Tourist and Statue of Liberty Costume

NYC Tourist and Statue of Liberty - Halloween Costume Contest at

Spooky Halloween Eyes - Toilet Paper Tubes and Glowsticks

DIY spooky eyes: Cut eye holes out of toilet paper rolls. Spray paint rolls black for best effect. Insert a glow stick and place in dense foliage for creepy glowing eyes at night.

Sons of Anarchy Halloween costume

Is your man rejecting any and ALL couple Halloween costume ideas you share with him? Trust me, you're not alone, girl - MANY men have a real hang-up about wearing Halloween costumes - especially COUPLES Halloween

Save this DIY Halloween couples costume idea to become the Joker + Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.

How to Rock Suicide Squad’s Joker + Harley Quinn As a Couples Costume

Hallowen Costume Couples DIY Couples Halloween Costume Ideas - Harley Quinn and the Joker Handmade Costumes from The Movie Suicide Squad via Brit and Co