Broches. Petites demoiselles alliant polymère et tirette de boite de conserves ...

Cute and silly pins/brooches or pendants made from polymer clay and soda can pop tabs to look like little babushka dolls! (The site is in French, and does not actually include any instructions.

Accesorio para infusiones

Party Snail - SoulFun Design by Kvvlu. Not only teabag holders, they come in different colors for quirky cup and plate identification. [I can't resist a cute snail.

Cute Friendship Necklaces - Fox, Raccoon & Bunny by 'DapperLittleMagpie'

Cute Friendship Necklaces - Fox, Raccoon & Bunny by 'DapperLittleMagpie' I want. the fox for Zach. and the raccoon for Sam.

Renard des boucles d'oreilles boucles d'oreilles par omifimo

Fox Earrings Animal Earrings Polymer Clay Earrings Fimo Jewellery Childrens Earrings Girls Earrings Orange Small Earrings Studs GBP) by omifimo

trop mimi cette matriochka

Dolly "Matriochka"

trop mimi cette matriochka Matrioska- Matroschka- Matriochka- Matrjosjka- russische Puppe Matroesja- Russian Nesting Doll www.