Südpol-Plakate: Felix Pfäffli - Doomenfels - Wavering Hands - 2014 - Lo-Fi Music  Coloré, double sens, abstraction, folie, insouciance. Mood board créé par On n'a rien volé  https://popmontreal.com/fr/artistes/detail/on-na-rien-vole/?volet=puces-pop  Colourful, double meaning, abstract, lunacy, recklessness. Mood board created by On n'a rien volé https://popmontreal.com/en/artists/detail/on-na-rien-vole/?volet=puces-pop

"Doomenfels - Wavering Hands", - Lo-Fi Music by 'Südpol-Plakate': Club Koncert, Südpol - GraphicArt by "Feixen" Studio Design (Switzerland) of Felix Pfäffli (b. Swiss), Size: 42 x 30 cm.

Pompadour – Identité – Les Graphiquants

Pompadour – Identité – Les Graphiquants== The name of the brand/ person is printed large and the word is separated into section of how to pronounce it.

Stefan Kanchev, le père du logo bulgare

Stefan Kanchev, le père du logo bulgare

Wolfgang Weingart [Line research series 2 of 5]-Kunstgrafik 1964

Wolfgang Weingart I really like this work. It is a really random and random layout. I think it looks really good and reminds me v.

Paul Chan: Koto Music  http://llllllll.co/t/experimental-music-notation-resources/149/174

Score for Light, 2007 Mixed mediums on paper 15 works, each 14 x 11 in / x cm Courtesy of Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

Pedro Salmeron Branding - Mindsparkle Mag

Pedro Salmeron Branding

This way you can summarize Pedro Salmerón’s professional career. This reputed Spanish architect, specializing in historical heritage, commissioned us with the development of a new brand for his architecture practice.

Pomologen Visual Identity - Mindsparkle Mag

Pomologen Visual Identity

Pomologen Visual Identity - Mindsparkle Mag