frederic fiebig - Facial planes example

This is how to think about the face when you're painting it. Frederic Fiebig - Facial planes example I am interested by the geometric shapes and brushstrokes that are simple and abstract by themselves but when together create a recognizable portrait.

Lotte Oldfield | Hinterland

Hinterland: Lotte Oldfield A wordless narrative depicted through views seen in a forest and surrounding wasteland. Hand bound book x

Saul Bass: À première vue, j'ai cru que ça pouvait être du Matisse...

Screenprint by Jim Northover. The print features the leg design from Saul Bass's film poster for Such good friends Printed on Fabriano Cold Pressed.

S O P H I E ° L é C U Y E R

title unknown ~ monotype ~by sophie lécuyer Монотипия, printmaking