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Cloud Identification Activity

Weather Window: Cloud Identification & Weather Prediction Activity Kit For Kids

Here's a great way to teach about cloud identification and classification! Each child makes their own Nature-Watch Weather Window - a hand-held frame with a variety of cloud types classified by altitude. Kit includes cardboard frames and cloud pictures. Participants will cut out each picture and glue them onto their very own Weather Window! Then, head outside and match real clouds to the photos. Identify the cloud type and discuss what type of weather might follow as a result. Our exclusive…

Le vivant  Mouvement de l'eau dans un chou nappa

Kindergarten xylem water movement demonstation with napa cabbage and dyed water - 1

1) Take Celery or Napa Cabbage (largest you can find) and slice a stalk halfway up the middle. 2) Place two clear containers close together. Add a few drops of food coloring in two different colors to the jars. 3) Add water to the jars to fill to about 1.5 inches deep. 4) Wait about 8 hours and observe the difference! Plants use little tubes to transport water from where they have it (the ground, usually) to where they need it (in their leaves, where it is "breathed out" through little pores…

Grow a windowsill garden with your kids using food scraps (with a free printable)

The Kitchen Experiment Garden: Growing Plants from Food Scraps - Modern Parents Messy Kids

The other day I walked into my mom friend’s kitchen and found the top of a pineapple sitting in a jar of water. I thought it was odd so I immediately quizzed her about it and she politely told little-ol-woefully-uninformed-me that if you plant the top of a pineapple, it will sprout. What?! I was …

Water Movement Experiment - Educational Activities for Kids

15 Fun and Educational Activities for Kids - Lovebugs and Postcards

Try these fun and educational activities for kids. Make a volcano, a tornado, glitter jars (like snow globes), giant bubbles, dry ice bubbles, and more.

Can you build a boat that will float and hold weight? GREAT STEM activity!

What is Going on in the Lab?

A blog about STEM and science topics, easy ways to use STEM in the elementary classroom, help with organizing materials, and tons of helpful hints.

Kannte ich bisher nur mit Toi-Papier-Rollen... so natürlich viel stabiler ;o) Taburettli: "Schiessbüchse"


Unser 3-jähriger Sohn ist ein Waffennarr! Kleiderbügel, Kochlöffel, Seile, Besen... alles wird zur Waffe umfunktioniert. Mit lautem Gebrü...

#autisme Comment fabriquer des sabliers de différentes durées avec des bouteilles d'orangina

Le Temps qui passe : Sabliers Pédagogiques – Le Jardin de Kiran – Ressources pour une Nouvelle Education

En introduction à notre série sur « Le Temps qui passe », nous proposons ces sabliers pédagogiques colorés, qui permettront à l’enfant de bâtir ses premiers repères dans…

plantation decouverte du monde

DDM : la fibre écolo

Par Mitsouk☮ dans Accueil le 26 Avril 2013 à 21:22 Je suis tombée sur un site qui donne des conseils pour jardiner, tout en étant respectueux de notre environnement. Pour les semis en...

Ocean Discovery Bottle

Ocean and Waves Discovery Bottle - The Imagination Tree

Create an exciting ocean themed discovery bottle which creates waves and bubbles when tipped from side to side! Lots of crafty, scientific, sensory fun for beach themed summer play-time for kids and great entertainment for long car journeys too! We have been making some new discovery bottles recently after drinking lots of juice from...Read More »

Chocolate Goop...only three household ingredients are needed for this slimey sensory activity!

Chocolate Goop

Chocolate Goop - the ultimate sensory recipe!

Cool Science Experiments- Polar Ice Fishing

Cool Science Experiments- Polar Ice Fishing

Trying to catch an ice cube with a polar animal in it with yarn, a chopstick and one kitchen item is what you will do in this cool science experiments.

Le serpent de bulle arc-en-ciel! - Trucs et Bricolages


Des trucs faciles à faire soi-même ainsi que des bricolages pour tous âges.