Toddlers will love the idea of shape hopping, care giver would call out the shape and color and the child's job is to find the shape and matching color. Great for large motor development and body and eye coordinations.

Color and Word Games {Toddler Approved This Week}

Cardboard boxes makes shape jumping even cheaper to do! You call out the shape & color & the child's job is to find the shape & matching color. Fun, active activity for large motor development & body & eye coordination.

DIY masks

DIY Masques de carnaval - Fanny pour Petit Poulou - so after being a "snow leopard" for 20 years, maybe I can make the owl mask and keep it my office for next halloween -- Owls like to read, right?

more faces / emotions

Facial expression reference image Categories of emotion as defined by facial expressions. It's good knowing this when you have a caricature you're carving. I really enjoy crossing over the lines and mixing two of these together.

Finger puppets

Bad link, but cute easy finger puppet idea for an ocean themed book or dramatic play accessory.

Turn your child into The Greatest Dinosaur Ever (Brenda Guiberson) with this Cardboard Dinosaur DIY Costume.

I’ll Take One in a Size Four

Shadow puppets

Sweet shadow puppets from Nogaravin