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the poster for star wars the mandal
Je viens de finir la saison 2 de "The Mandalorian"
Je viens de finir la saison 2 de "The Mandalorian". Pour le fan de Star Wars que je suis, j'ai adoré cette série. Je vais m'enclencher les 3 autres spin-off. Même ambiance, même délire de langages, de personnages, de beaux combats, de beaux vaisseaux, un scénario plutôt sympa. Et une 3e saison pour début 2023 🙂 Je vous la conseille donc. #themandalorian #starwars
an image of luke star wars with text that reads, when your non - car guy friend starts talking about cars
Luke Skywalker
two people standing in the middle of a parking lot with their arms around each other
Mark Hamill et Daisy Ridley
darth vader standing in front of some black and white objects
Dark Vador dans sa chambre de méditation
two people riding on the back of a horse next to another person in winter clothing
"Yeah I knew him... "
darth vader and stormtrooper standing next to each other in front of a window
Dark Vador et Bobba Fett... Le duo infernal !
Tie fighter Instagram, Fighter, Wings Game, Star Wars Episode Vii, Sci Fi Fantasy, Star Wars 7
Tie fighter
an old photo of yoda and child looking at eachother's face
Yoda et Luke
two men in suits hugging each other at the star wars world premiere with lights behind them
Star Wars
2 days #starwars #darkvader Star Wars Darth Vader, Star Wars Darth, Star Wars Film, Darth Vader Helmet
2 days #starwars #darkvader
Woman Crush. @daisyridley . #theforceawakens#wcw by theforceawakensdaily Rey Star Wars, The Force, Rey Cosplay, Elvis
Woman Crush. @daisyridley . #theforceawakens#wcw by theforceawakensdaily
a group of people sitting around a bar in a star wars themed room with lights on
Star Wars has power of time travel I feel like a kid again! Who was in the line in 1977? #starwars #anewhope
an older man and woman standing next to each other in front of a gray background
Han et Leia