This bathroom is in Bali, so I assume that is teak around the tub (and gorgeous tile!!) love this.

Really like how they did the clean modern wood tub surround especially paired with the contrasting pretty floor design.

Carreaux de ciment

Collec de carreaux de ciment

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sol carrelage en carreaux de ciment bleu en bas d'un escalier, joli panier en osier > tile, maison, décoration, lifestyle

Custom make a unique color and pattern or pick from many stock tiles. Authentic European style and look. Encaustic tiles can be used in floors, exterior, or walls.

Geometric tile floor Carrelage geometrique

Floorcore is Our Favorite Instagram Phenomenon


Bochart Toulemonde : les plus beaux tapis graphiques, naturels, en laine et lin pour intérieur et extérieur

Ottoman Ceramic -

ROCCIA supply this product. A closeup shot of the gorgeous detailing in the blue Ottoman tiles from the Odyssey collection. Also available in summer yellow with grey. By Original Style.