Genivee Jouve

Genivee Jouve

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France / In the most visual/graphics, I don't see everythin' at once. The more time I spend in them, the more I discover. They open up like fairy tales.
Genivee Jouve
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Luna Double Bumper Loft Sectional

True Modern - TrueModern Luna Double Bumper Loft - This new Double Bumper Loft Sofa gives a big feel in a smaller rooml. Want a sectional, b.

#ItsTimeForChristmas cup with floral foam and stud with green tiny Xmas tree #YearInPhotos #HappyHolidays #ChristmasEveEve #Winter

Oh, (Tiny) Christmas Tree Boxwood clippings in a white tea cup become a tiny holiday tree. Fill the cup with floral foam and stud with green clippings. Use a hot glue gun to attach silver dragees.

2014 #ItsTimeForChristmas #HappyHolidays #ChristmasEveEve #Winter #YearInPhotos

Host a classic open house with modern menswear touches this Christmas season, complete with easy appetizers, a signature cocktail and a card-making station. Get step-by-step party instructions.