Cuisine en boîte :-)

Small kitchen design planning is important since the kitchen can be the main focal point in most homes. We share collection of small kitchen design ideas

bright yellow indeed and some incredible denim hues.

Painting an old radiator ( & or pipes ) bright color makes it a piece of art. After painting the whole exposed ceiling in the basement one solid light color . Painting some of the pipes funky colors is going to be GREAT!

Une chambre graphique et sobre

Osez la couleur dans la chambre !

Entry using Tessella BP 3604 and color block.

Fiona Healy's entry using Tessella BP We thought this showed a great use of bold blocked colour with a strong wallpaper to complement.

Une chambre qui revisite les styles

Osez la couleur dans la chambre !

Une chambre raffinée à l'ambiance cosy

Osez la couleur dans la chambre !

Logical Perspective Trend features complex hues that deliver minimal elegance in…