Bees:  How to Make a #Bee Bath, and Why You Need One.

Create a Bee-Friendly Garden

Do you have fruit trees that used to fruit well but are no longer producing much or any fruit? Perhaps your vegetable garden isn’t as lush as it once was, with fewer vegetables or smaller, misshapen ones.

The Gwyndolyn.

The Gwyndolyn : storybookhomes --- pp: This plan has been at the top of my favourite list for probably around six years now. If you love to dream over plans of fantastic cottages and manor houses, this is the website for you.

Bonne idée : coudre plein de foulards achetés pour rien chez Emmaus pour une tente bohême pour jour de fête

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10 conseils de paysagiste pour aménager son jardin #aménagement jardin

Dix conseils de paysagiste pour l'aménagement de son jardin

10 conseils de paysagiste pour aménager son jardin #aménagement jardin

i like the idea of a picture of just you and your spouse dancing to your wedding dance. a moment clearly not part of the wedding but done on your own (and then later also done at the reception) wedding dance

I want a little 'house' like this full of windows and natural light for a jewelry studio... *sighs* ... a girl can dream, can't she...

a-cottage-in-the-woods: source: Patina Green ~ the greenhouse @ Rachel Ashwell’s The Prairie retreat I have a thing for structures like this. chickens,Design,Favorite Places & Spaces,for the man,Gar

Countryside - Till Hafenbrak Illustration

These remind me of placemats my mom had during my childhood, I loved looking at all the details and playing pretend on them before the food came :) Illustrations by Till Hafenbrak

Ink:  #Love #Letters.

Receiving a hand written letter in the mail is always a sweet surprise. I will write a handwritten letter for you and mail it to your recipient or you. All you have to do is tell me what you would like me to write.


Breakfast in the garden. Our summer mornings are coming to an end. Soon we will begin our autumn theme breakfast of hot oatmeal and grits served with fresh, warm pumpkin muffins and coffee.

Un Halloween à paillettes

Un Halloween à paillettes

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