Vertical gardening - it maximizes your harvest, makes the most of limited space, doesn't require lots of bending, and keeps your veggies away from pests and rot.   Takes up just four square feet of growing space but produces more vegetation than a 24 square foot plot!

wallacegardens:: It’s called the Skyscraper Vertical Garden, and it is perfect for growing cucumbers, tomatoes, pole beans, and other climbing vegetables where space is limited. Made from Western red cedar….this is so cool with the squash hanging about

bac a jardin ( objet et meuble en palette )

Wow I've been searching for pallets for my succulents now I've gotta find a few pallets!🌿 Using a pallet as a garden bed. Thank GOD for Pallets! This tip is from Alternative Gardening.

Cessez d'acheter de l'ail. Cultivez-le sans fin avec ces simples astuces jardinières!

Cessez d'acheter de l'ail. Cultivez-le sans fin avec ces simples astuces jardinières!

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How To Grow Your Own Ginger

How To Grow Your Own Ginger, gardening. I love to grow anything if it grows I want to grow it

Le toit végétal est un excellent isolant thermique, un bon isolant phonique, il réduit la pollution (CO2, poussière), régule les eaux de pluie, allonge la durée de vie des toitures et, cerise sur le gâteau, il est plutôt esthétique. Aujourd’hui, nous allons voir comment fabriquer un toit …

Toiture végétalisée : comment la fabriquer soi-même

Wouldn't a green roof of succulents be beautiful? Thinking I might do this on top of the chicken coop! What a great way to keep them cooler in the summer and warm in the winter!

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Garden markers add personality to a garden and help you remember which row is tomatoes and which is peppers. Gather (or purchase) river rocks, some paint markers (pick up Sharpie brand at The Home Depot) and create these cute river rock plant markers.

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